New OHIP Guidelines for Vein Treatments

Are you familiar with the new OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) regulations on surgical services (ligation/stripping) for the treatment of varicose veins involving the long saphenous and/or short saphenous vein(s)?

As of April 1st 2012, these services are only insured when all of the following conditions are met:

1. There is reflux at the saphenofemoral junction or saphenopopliteal junction that is documented by Doppler or duplex ultrasound scanning;

2. The patient has failed a trial of conservative management of at least three months duration; and the patient has at least one of the conditions described in either a. or b. below:

a. One or more of the following signs of chronic venous insufficiency: Eczema, Pigmentation, Lipodermatosclerosis and Ulceration.

b. Varicosities that result in one or more of the following:

  • Ulceration secondary to venous stasis;
  • One or more significant hemorrhages from a ruptured superficial varicosity. Significant hemorrhage refers to a hemorrhage related to varicose veins that requires iron therapy or transfusion;
  • Two or more episodes of minor hemorrhage from a ruptured superficial varicosity;
  • Recurrent superficial thrombophlebitis;
  • Stasis dermatitis;
  • Varicose eczema;
  • Lipodermosclerosis;
  • Unremitting edema or intractable pain interfering with activities of daily living and requiring chronic analgesic medication.

Conservative management includes analgesics and prescription gradient support compression stockings.

The Vein Institute of Toronto offers different alternatives to vein ligation and stripping surgery that are less painful and leaves minimum to no bruising. These procedures are simple and quick and the patient returns to his normal activities on the same day. Schedule an appointment for a consultation today to learn more!

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